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[2017] Choosing to Raise the Bar – Reflections on Continuous Self-Development  
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Once a teacher, always a teacher. Ben has always written – his command of English and eloquence are the things that have always captured my attention. Finding people who write, as Ben does, is rare!  Throughout his life, most of which was in service and volunteering, Ben draws upon and shares his historical accounts of people and experiences – much of which we all can learn from. Through this book, he gives us a legacy to contemplate.
Krishnan Srinivasan, Chartered Management Accountant and President of PMI Malaysia Chapter

This is a compilation of self-development management articles that reflect Benedict Morais’s career growth trajectory that spanned over four decades. They also reflect his particular values and principles in life. From a distinguished career in education, to being president of the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia (IPRM), divisional director of CIMA Malaysia, regional director of CIMA South East Asia, special adviser, ACCA Malaysia, to special adviser, ACCA ASEAN, his success had reached a pinnacle of personal growth. On many occasions, he had the opportunity to contribute to the development and standing of the Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur as well as to Kiwanis Malaysia through his skills and professional knowledge. He was president of the KCKL in 1982 and a member from 1978 to 1991. The story behind his achievements is now available through these well-articulated articles that have been put together for our benefit.
Fred Tan, Advertising professional and Past President, Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur

Book Contents


Chapter 1 | Values in Life that Govern our Conduct
Chapter 2 | Practising Common Courtesies
Chapter 3 | Repugnant Habit of Making Rude, Personal Remarks
Chapter 4 | Need for Greater Compassion, Understanding and Kindness
Chapter 5 | The Alluring Grace of Social Intelligence
Chapter 6 | Which is More Important – Loyalty or Integrity?
Chapter 7 | Core Values and Practices of John Baptist de La Salle
Chapter 8 | Implications of Devaluing Your Word
Chapter 9 | RSVP – ‘Respondez s’il Vous Plait’


Chapter 10 | Aggressive Language in Speech and Writing
Chapter 11 | Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
Chapter 12 | The Art of Engaging in Conversation
Chapter 13 | Expressing Gratitude


Chapter 14 | Too Lazy to Really Think
Chapter 15 | Cultivating and Nurturing Personal Relationships
Chapter 16 | Hold High the Torch of Responsibility
Chapter 17 | Another Bloody Meeting
Chapter 18 | Seamstress on a Laudable Mission


Chapter 19 | The Many Joys of Serving in a Voluntary Capacity
Chapter 20 | Investing in Continuous Professional Development
Chapter 21 | Keys to Achieving Success
Chapter 22 | Importance of Striking the Right Work-Life Balance
Chapter 23 | This Is Not My Job
Chapter 24 | Leave with Dignity and Decorum

Chapter 25 | A Remarkable and Amazing Friend
Chapter 26 | Remembering an Unforgettable Individual
Chapter 27 | A Towering Professional Accountant

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Earlier publications

[1986]  Public Relations – The Malaysian Experience
In this book, I wrote an article and then invited other well-known PR practitioners to contribute articles. These were edited in collaboration with Hamdan Adnan and published as an IPRM publication.
[1995]  Stand By Your Convictions
This represents a compilation of my articles in both the mainstream print media as well as in specialist publications.
[1999]  Profiles in Leadership & Decade in Review – CIMA Malaysia Division
This was done together with Brian Cracknell as co-author.
[2001] Towards Organisational & Personal Excellence
This is a 2001 New Straits Times publication where 10 of my articles on relevant topics were included.

[2008]  Cheer Cheer and Courage Display

This book gives a frank and detailed account of the early education, career-defining moments and my active social involvement over a forty year period. In this incisive account, I talk candidly about the many challenges faced, the huge risk I took by resigning from government service just six years short of qualifying for full pension and the joys of serving in a voluntary capacity.  Finally, I also detail the lessons learned and offer pointers to those eager for guidance, both in personal matters and in career situations.
[2010]  Wind Beneath My Wind – The Life and Times of Patricia Cecilia Lim