Shush ! I Am Busy Gossiping : The Insidious Cancer that Gnaws at Your Soul

A disturbing, annoying and unprofessional habit practised by a number of insecure, and mean spirited individuals is to regularly gossip. When an individual chooses to gossip and talk carelessly and recklessly behind a person’s back in an office environment, it reveals a dark side of that very individual!

What is their ulterior motive for doing so? Often, it is to unfairly lower the image and reputation of that individual with fellow colleagues and the bosses in the organisation.

The other reason is to secure an unfair advantage especially when the time comes for a possible promotion or even a plum overseas assignment.

Loose Talk can kill Careers

This sort of loose talk happens in the best of organisations and professional bodies. It is made worse when the person spreading the rumour has no actual idea of the other person’s role and responsibilities. It is, however, a sad situation especially when the top brass of the company are unaware of this person’s behind the scenes smear tactics.

It is acceptable to want to get ahead and get promoted during your career with the organisation. However, it is certainly not acceptable nor is it ethical to employ this unsavoury approach.

Let your Work speak Volumes

Perform your duties and carry out your responsibilities to the best of your abilities. Take the trouble to always keep your bosses informed about the progress you have achieved. Do take immense pride in your work and the challenging assignments given to you. Approach these tasks in an intelligent, systematic and determined manner. Then, let the results that flow from these efforts speak for themselves!


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