Keys to Achieving Success : Some Thoughts

Have you ever wondered why some people, even those with many advantages, never seem to really get ahead? Have you also wondered why others, even when beset by major stumbling blocks, become spectacularly successful?

The reason, says author Robert Conklin, lies in a person’s mental outlook – those thoughts and attitudes that have a direct bearing on success. In his book, ‘ Think Yourself to the Riches of Life ‘, Conklin explains how to change our thinking patterns to become winners.

Want to know what you will be like tomorrow? Your state of consciousness today will be your state of being in the future. In other words says Conklin, the thoughts, images and attitudes you hold in your mind today will predict what your life will be like in the future.

What Employers Need

More than ever, employers today need high calibre and versatile candidates. These candidates must have the right mix of practical experience and theoretical knowledge relevant to the needs of the employer.

Other Needed Qualities

Employers are on the lookout for ‘ boardroom quality ‘ in the candidate. In actors, we refer to that special attribute as star or superstar quality. If somehow you manage to project that quality, then they are more likely to recruit you and subsequently guide and groom you for greater possibilities within the company.

Employers also wish to recruit candidates who are able to face reality as it is……………..not as it was or as you wish it to be!

In addition, employers wish to hire candidates who are ready to accept and manage change. In the process, they wish to see them make the transition from merely managing to exercising managerial leadership.

They like to see candidates willingly invest in continuing professional education, from time to time, despite the demands of the job and family obligations.

They also like to hire candidates with exceptional organisational and communication skills.

How To Get Where You Want To Go

Fasten in your mind all the details of success that you want. Do this on a daily basis.

Use your visual imagination to believe that you are already there.

Compete against yourselfif you are always competing against others, you are training yourself to view people as adversaries. Why not set your own standards and compete against them?

Think Bigif you want big success, you must also think big. Big thinkers are more concerned about standards of thinking than with standards of living. Big thinkers also choose to mix with positive, intelligent people rather than negative, gloom and doom types!

These big thinkers are able to see opportunities all around them. They have established specific, concrete values to help them make decisions and guide their lives. And finally, they look past today because their big dreams and lofty goals carry them through the day to day discouragements and struggles.

Some Tips on Getting Ahead

  1. Seek to compliment at least two or more people each day. Yes, it is far easier to criticise but learning to compliment forces one to look on the positive side.
  2. This ties in to the rationale that it is important to teach your staff why more often than you teach how.
  3. Embrace the concept of kaizen.
  4. Always give more credit than you take. Remember to acknowledge the work and contribution of team members especially so when you are in the spotlight.
  5. Willingly agree to mentor someone.
  6. After returning from a conference, make it a point to implement at least one good idea.

These are some ideas from Jerry Vorphal, president of Leadership Conference Inc., San Francisco.

Guard Against Loser Traits

You are doomed to career failure if your workplace behaviour is riddled with ‘ loser traits ’. Losers often talk too much about personal problems at their place of work. Bosses are less likely to boost the responsibilities of those who seem overburdened with personal problems.

How do you carry yourself at your place of work? Are you seen by others, especially your peers and bosses, as someone who can be depended upon to do a good job on a regular basis?  Have you taken the opportunity to find a right mentor who has different, admirable traits worth emulating?

Career success comes to those who plan to succeed and are determined to do whatever it takes to succeed. They have a singular focus and will not let problems or issues to delay this journey to success. They see all of these as impediments to be overcome …not to stop them from achieving their goals.


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